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  • Creating brand fanatics
  • Is SEO threatened by Google’s mobile travel search?
  • There Are Apps That Help Persons To Use Their Photos And Develop A Mosaic
  • 2019’s best antivirus for PC
  • 7 Reasons Why Online Faxing is Still Relevant

Creating brand fanatics

The latest trend to attract customers is the experience. Surveys have found that people now appreciate the experience more than material goods. Perhaps it was the rise of social media, where people want to photograph and document a unique moment but it’s clear that consumers now want to enjoy moments of fun and enjoyment rather than something more tangible. So, how can businesses get involved in this trend to build…


Is SEO threatened by Google’s mobile travel search?

Google has recently changed its user experience for mobile travel search, with some commentators questioning whether this is an SEO threat given that it is harder for users to view organic listings content. Here we consider the change as it is currently understood and the implications for SEO. Image Credit What has changed? In short, it is now more difficult for a user to get to organic web results for…


Add Artistic Effects To Simple Pictures By Rendering The Mosaic Effects To Them

Candid images: Anybody who has a camera or the smart phone on their hands would be able to take the pictures with the help of the smartness and built in camera. However, it is vital for the users to ensure that they have to learn how to compose, ensure the play of light and the various other factors that would make their images stand out of the crowd and draw…


There Are Apps That Help Persons To Use Their Photos And Develop A Mosaic

Tessellations: Even though the concept of tessellations, wherein the certain form would be repeated one besides the other to ensure that the tiles would not overlap or there would not be any gaps whatsoever, so as to ensure that the patterns are achieved by the users. Since there are so many tutorials that encourage and educate the persons to form the shapes for the tessellations, it is not a new…


2019’s best antivirus for PC

Antivirus software is mandatory because it can help you protect your computer from fraud sites and hackers and will keep your information safe. According to various independent AV tests, the best antivirus of 2019 is Bitdefender which has the ability to find out the existing malware in your computer and remove it. It will also prevent any programs from influencing your computer in any bad way.

False myth

What is Search Engine Optimization?

With globalization, the companies needs to be proactive, and they need to understand that just selling their products cannot help them to survive, they will  have to adopt the recent methods. A website for a lay man may not be a big contributor towards the sale of the company or the progress of the company. But this is no longer the truth; the website plays a major role these days….


Basic Website DNS Strategy

Got a great idea for a website?  Check.  Have the skills to implement the website?  Check.  Have a hosting provider lined up?  Check.  Know what you’re going to do for DNS?  At this point, a large number of website developers or owners simply take the path of least resistance that actually works, letting their hosting provider provide DNS service as well.  A better strategy is to use a third party…


Directory Listing for SEO: Good or Bad?

Is adding the domain name of your website in directory listing sites a bad practice? Is it a black hat or white hat or something in between? They always say that the proof of the pudding is on the eating and it is applicable in the practice of directory listing for SEO. Directory listing can be both beneficial when it comes to the relevance of your website but it can…