7 tips to protect your computer from hackers

Every year the ways to violate computers is more sophisticated, therefore, as business owners, we must take maximum care of our information. We give you 7 recommendations to protect your computer from hackers.

The Internet has become an indispensable tool in the operation of small and medium businesses: we use it to make electronic transfers, review the inventory status, share confidential data with our customers or suppliers, and manage campaigns on social networks. However, we rarely consider the dangers of confidential information being stolen.

Cyber attacks are a reality that we can not ignore, and whose modalities change year after year. The good news is that we can prevent them and avoid them with simple practices and the right tools.

Here we tell you what are the most important seven, and include some recommendations for you to increase the maximum level d and security of communications and networking your business.

Tips to protect your computer from hackers

1. Install an anti-virusprotect your computer from hackers

These programs are basic and protect your computer in real time from malicious code and any piece of software that may affect the operating system. The biggest dangers of these types of attacks are mainly two: delete important files and make the computer slow down.

Recommendation: When you purchase an anti-virus, make sure it includes an automatic update.

2. Use a firewallprotect your computer from hackers

It is an additional layer of protection, which creates a barrier between the computer and the outside every time you connect to the Internet. How? Blocking unauthorized access to a computer and sending alert notices. It is one of the best tips to protect your computer from hackers.

Recommendation: the costs of a firewall can vary a lot , so consult an expert which is the option that suits you best according to the size of your business.

3. Add an anti-spyware packageprotect your computer from hackers

Also known as “Trojans”, spy attacks can collect in seconds confidential data of the company, such as passwords to access bank accounts. The problem is that they are difficult to detect and remove from the computer, so it is key to have a program that blocks these threats in real time.

Recommendation: most of the best-known anti-virus programs include this tool, so make sure you make the correct purchase.

4. Keep all programs updatedprotect your computer from hackers

Operating systems, software (such as text editing or calculation) and applications have to be up to date. Otherwise, you will be opening small windows so that malicious codes enter the computer without being detected.

Recommendation: set one day per week in your calendar to check the automatic updates of your computer.

5. Do not open spam messagesprotect your computer from hackers

This includes the links included in the email and the attachments. In recent years, cyber hackers have become sophisticated and have found more creative ways to cheat users, so be very careful when reviewing this folder.

Recommendation: Especially ignore suspicious emails that come from your bank, your accountant or another provider, a client or a friend.

6. Update your passwordsprotect your computer from hackers

It is the most effective way to prevent the invasion of your computer and its operating system. Also, keep in mind that the more secure a password is, the harder it will be for hackers to work. Use complex passwords that have at least eight characters and do not contain obvious data such as your date of birth or the street number of the company.

Recommendation: to register and be able to remember your passwords safely, use apps like Sticky Password or Keeper Manager.

7. Turn off the computer

If it stays on all the time, it will become more visible to hackers and increase the chances of an attack. On the other hand, when it is off, the Internet connection is cut off and all access to a malicious code is closed.

Recommendation: close the equipment at the end of the working day, but also during those long periods when you will be out of the office for presentations or meals. Another additional benefit is energy savings.

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