Web optimization to attract customers: the blog as an ally

Since, some years ago, search engines became the usual way to find and enter web pages, occupy the top positions in the SERP (Google results page and other search engines) has become one of the main objectives of most online marketing strategies, hence the importance of web optimization. And that’s what I’d like to talk about today.

As you know, at present, achieving good SEO is key to achieving the commercial objectives of brands, companies, and online stores. It is the best way to attract an audience, get customers and also give visibility and enhance the brand image.

I have a website but it’s not profitable … what’s the problem?Web optimization

Do you feel identified with the previous sentence? Chances are yes, and we assure you that your problem is quite common. In the network, there are many web pages that, despite the fact that their administrators have dedicated many hours to their creation and development, are not achieving the objectives for which they were created.

It is possible that, in appearance, they have a good design and acceptable content. However, those pages do not attract too many visits or generate enough customers. But do you know why?

The importance of the three levels of web optimizationWeb optimization

Many times the problem of the scarcity of results of a web is in its nonexistent or poor optimization. If we want to have around the web, well positioned in the search engines and that serves us not only to attract traffic but also to get more customers and sales, we have to work three different levels of web optimization :

  • Level 1. Optimization to achieve more visits.
  • Level 2. Optimization to convert visits into records (contacts in the database).
  • Level 3. Optimization to get potential customers.

Level 1. Optimize the web with SEO techniques to gain visits

The first thing a website has to do is get visits: without this indispensable requirement, it is not possible to achieve the rest of the objectives. For this it  is very important to improve the page at the level of SEO, something that can be achieved by following the following recommendations:

Some things you should keep in mind:

  • Choose a.COM domain
  • Always think about the user’s experience: do not abuse texts or implement flash elements or automatic music, since they impede or slow down navigation and can be very annoying.
  • Avoid duplicate URL.
  • Incorporate the robots.txt file and sitemap.xml to help Google bots crawl and index your page.

Recommendations on the structure

  • Always choose a structure of the site that is clear, simple to use and navigate, and of the pyramidal structure.

Recommendations on content

  •  Publish quality content, with real value for the user, original, current and frequent.
  • Add internal and external links that are interesting.

This is a brief summary of the most important SEO actions that you should apply on your website. To expand this information, I recommend the article Optimize a web page: how to do it correctly.

The power of a blog to attract visitors

On the other hand, the creation of a blog of our company is a very useful tool to get more traffic.  And it is so for many reasons:

  • The algorithm of Google and other search engines gives a lot of value to quality content and updated when it comes to scoring and positioning the pages.
  • The blog allows us to publish, order and make available to the user much more content, and with some themes and a style that, possibly, would not fit on the web.
  • Through the blog, we can update the content constantly and achieve a  more intense and direct engagement with the user.
  • A blog allows you to work and position a greater number of keywords, which will report visits from users interested in our products, services or activity sector.
  • The blogs allow you to place links to other articles of ours and to the home of the web. Which helps to provide feedback and multiply the visits.

In this blog, links to the Atrápalo website are included, which provide many visits from potential clients. In this way, we also increase the chances of getting potential customers. For example, if a reader is reading a post called “4 travel styles to take advantage of the December bridge” and click on a link to the Atrápalo page, you may end up being interested in any of the travel offers for the bridge that They offer him.

Level 2. Web optimization to convert users into records Web optimization

It can also happen that your website already has enough visitors but that, nevertheless, the conversion rate of these anonymous users to records or leads with contact data to be able to incorporate them into our database and track them is very low.

There are a number of strategies that work very well to increase the capture of records :


As explained in detail in this article, the inboundización is ( taking advantage of the traffic and assets of the web that we already have ) a way to achieve increase the percentage of users who leave their data in a form and become leads.

The inboundización is a form to accelerate the results of the strategies of inbound marketing using concrete strategies like the exit intent , that consists of opening emergent windows (pop-ups) with content of value for the client at the moment in which it is arranged to leave the web or insert landing pages SEO within the web page of a well-known brand.

Calls to action smart (smart)

These are evolved calls to action since they can be customized according to the interests or tastes of the users we have in our database. An example would be to show a CTA to download a marketing study for SMEs only to users that we know work in a company of this type and could be interesting.

If you want to create an element of this type, here we show you how to do it.

Add downloadable content that the company already has available

If we have interesting material (studies, product analysis, press releases …) we can create pop-ups that lead to a landing where we can download it and, in this way, generate more leads by taking advantage of content that we already have prepared.

Perform A / B tests

Another resource is to perform A / B tests to test different designs or copies of calls to action and to select the most powerful and effective. It is a method that, as explained in the post How to increase leads up to 40% with A / B tests, allows us to significantly improve our lead capture figures. Test it!

Level 3. Optimization actions to attract potential customersWeb optimization

The third level of optimization is focused on getting potential customers, that is, records with a marked interest in our commercial offer. These are some concrete actions to improve your website in the line of capturing these potential clients:

  •  Include a Call To Action BOFU (commercial) in the sidebar (right side) of the web. A CTA BOFU is a Call To Action that redirects to a page, landing or section of the web where the user can request commercial information about the product or service that he sells. In the section “Offers BOFU. Ready for purchases “of this article develops this aspect.
  • Add live chat on the web.  A LiveChat or live chat offers the visitor the possibility to make a query in real time and with a real person, since normally behind these chats is a commercial. In addition, it helps to improve the visitor’s experience with the company. As it feels better served by the fact that a professional is attending their specific queries.
  • Remarketing campaigns on Google Adwords and Facebook. They are paid ad campaigns personalized and adapted to those users who have previously visited a certain website.

It is best Web optimization tips.

The importance of having a blog and take advantage of assetsWeb optimization

The actions or optimization strategies of our web that we decide to start up must be those that best adapt to the characteristics, both of structure design and contents of our current web, as well as of the traffic we already have and the objectives that we pursue.

In any case, due to the importance is given by Google to the content and its proven ability to generate traffic. And position the websites by different keywords, the blog is a tool to be taken into account. Moreover, in online marketing strategies based on content. Such as inbound marketing, a blog becomes the nerve center of the entire process.

Another important issue is the use of assets that we already have. We analyze the content available to the company and assess the possibility, with the adaptations necessary, turn them into ebooks or other downloadable for use as a hook to get users to leave us your details and become leads.

RonyB is an experienced writer and this blog post has been written by him.  To read more about Tech ideas and strategies for development of your mobile app, please feel free to visit their website.

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