tools to create web heat maps

Knowing how users move and interact in a website can help improve any website. We share 5 tools to create web heat maps and analyze visits.

Analyzing visits to a web page can be a good way to improve our online business. For example, if we want to know the reason why the design does not work we can do usability tests. While it is true that A / B tests are excellent for content, when it comes to analyzing the behavior of users on a web page it is best to make a heat map or Heatmap.

Of course, many will think that we have Google Analytics for that. Or perhaps other tools to count visits to a website. However, the difference is that a heat map bases its tracking of clicks on coordinates, while Google Analytics does its tracking based on the URL. In addition, performing a Heat map is ideal for people who do not have technical knowledge.

There is a good amount of web heat map tools that allow analyzing the browsing habits of users on a website. Some are free, while others are paid.

Heatmap tools: a way to analyze web visits

Below we review 5 of the best tools to make heat maps for web pages.

Crazy Eggtools to create web heat maps

This is perhaps one of the most popular options on the Internet. You can get a free 30-day trial, but then you have to pay. It is a web heat map tool that shows the different tracking clicks, search terms, the web browser used, the operating system, … You can even create reports, share data, as well as receive alerts by email.

Heatmap.metools to create web heat maps

Another of the best systems to analyze the behavior of visitors on a web page with real-time analysis. It is available in both the free version and the paid version; the tool uses JavaScript and does not record visitor information. If you want to try more than five pages you can choose packages that range from 20 to 200 dollars. Keep reading- How to redesign your website without losing search engine positioning (SEO)

Heat maptools to create web heat maps

Another tool to perform heat maps. It has a free version with which it may be enough. If you are looking for more options you have to pay.

Hotspots Analyticstools to create web heat maps

In this case, it is a plugin for WordPress to make heat maps that works as a complement of advanced analysis for websites that work under this platform. Thanks to the fact that it includes heat maps it is possible to know the activity of the users. It includes different heat maps that adapt to the responsive web design, even each page of the site has its own heat map.


This is a professional analysis tool that allows access to information related to the behavior of visitors. With this system you can see how visitors interact with the site, the displacement they follow once on the page, the clicks, you can even see which areas users tend to leave the web.

If you do not know how to make a heat map or a heat map you know how to do it. We are talking about very advanced web analytics tools that allow us to analyze visits to a website.

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