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The 10 best 4K TVs in 2018

Do you want to know what are the top 10 4K TVs in 2018?  We tell you which are the best 4K TV by quality price. It seems that 2018 is the moment of 4K’s takeoff, especially because the prices of TVs with this screen resolution are finally more affordable than in previous years. Why? TV manufacturers are already presenting their first models with 8K resolution, and content creators are offering more and more material with 4K resolution, which definitely encourages their sales.

What is a 4K TV? Differences between 4K, Ultra HD or UHD? It is the same with different names. 4K TVs have four times more pixels than Full HD TVs. This means that their screens are much sharper and that you can really appreciate the depth and additional detail. Continue reading- How to maintain a computer in good condition

What are the top 10 4K TVs by quality price in 2018?

1. Samsung QLED 2018 65Q9FN – 65 “4K Televisionbest 4K TVs

65 “QLED screen

Resolution 4K and HDR 2000

Q Color – Quantum dot, capable of reproducing 100% of the volume of color with any level of brightness

Q Contrast Elite – a superior contrast in both night and day scenes, regardless of ambient light

Ultra Black Elite – Rear lighting for greater detail clarity. Get the most intense blacks and improve the intensity of colors

Q HDR 2000 – shows more accurately the wide range of light and dark levels of an image, reproducing peak luminosity up to 2000nits

It has 4 HDMI inputs and 3 USB inputs

A Samsung TV with 4K and HDR 2000 with Full Array Local Dimming, which has tremendously improved both brightness and color. The HDR performance is spectacular. The color level is tremendous and the screen is really bright. Your SmartV system is the best you will find and the only downside that can put this model is that the mink angles are a little short. Probably the best TV 4K of 2018.

2. Sony Bravia KD-49XE9005 – 49 “4K Televisionbest 4K TVs

49-inch LCD TV

Resolution 4K


LCD TVs do not reach the black levels of OLED TVs but the HDR of this model is tremendously good. It has an excellent combination of price and performance. It has Android TV and the brightness is very uniform. A command is something “cheap”.

3. Hisense H70NU9700 – TV 70 “ULED 4K Ultra HDbest 4K TVs

70 “TV ULED 4K Ultra HD

HDR Supreme 1000-nit technology

4 HDMI inputs and 3 USB ports

A 70 “television for less than 2300 euros. Spectacular. It has an HDR and 4K resolution. The best quality price of all the models we present. Its contrast is really good and Smart TV is very intuitive. Do you hit? The colors could be more natural. It is one of the best 4K TVs in 2018.

4. Sony KD-55XE9305 – 55 “4K TVbest 4K TVs

55 “TV

4K and HDR

Android TV

It is a really fine and stylish TV, one of the best designs from Sony. Sony’s Slim Backlight Drive technology takes full advantage of edge lighting and promises twice as much lighting control as conventional LCD TVs. The images are sharp and detailed. It has a small drawback: a slight backlighting in very dark scenes.

5. LG OLED55B7V – 55 “TVbest 4K TVs

55 “Flat OLED TV

4K and HDR

Premium UHD

The prices of OLED TVs have already dropped and this model is a good example. The LG OLED55B7V is one of the cheapest in its range, less than 2000 euros. It has no soundbar and its design is very average but the image it generates is very good. Features Active HDR with Dolby Vision, Dolby ATMOS sound, and webOS 3.5 OS

6. Samsung 65Q8C – TV QLED 65 “best 4K TVs

Curved 4K UHD TV

Up to 1500 nits

SmartTV 65 “with the latest technology from Samsung. UHD 4K curved TV with a spectacular design and a heart attack image. And the best part is that it has a spectacular sound. It is one of the best 4K TVs in 2018.

7. Sony KD-55A1 4K UHD – 55 “TV with 4K resolutionbest 4K TVs


4K resolution and HDR

SO Android 6.0

A true television beast. One of the best models of Sony. The quality of the image is tremendous and the best part is that the sound accompanies and you probably do not have to buy a soundbar. No doubt the detail and contrast are the best of this TV. The worst is its Android operating system and it is not very bright. It is one of the best 4K TVs in 2018.

8. LG OLED55C8PLA – Smart TV 55 “OLED UHD 4Kbest 4K TVs


4K and HDR

Dolby ATMOS sound with 40 W power and Clear Voice III system

SmartTV WebOS 4.0 with Artificial ThinQ intelligence system with natural voice recognition and control

DVB-T2 / C / S2, 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 optical output, headphone output (Minijack), LAN input, USB recorder

Spectacular…. OLED technology is taken to another level. The best TV input to the 4K OLED. It does not offer images as bright as those provided by an LCD TV but its blacks are really deep and that shows in the HDR. The level of detail is very good and the colors spectacular. Its SmartTV system is one of the best of 2018. Do you hit? The brightness in HDR does not reach very high levels and its price is somewhat high.

9. Philips 55POS9002 55 “4K OLED Smart TVbest 4K TVs

Your Ambilight system is the best you will find at this time, as well as its design. But Android TV does not excite us and the sound is not spectacular. However, its image quality has improved compared to previous models of the brand, getting a really natural image that will please many.

10. Sony KD-55XE9305 – 55 “4K TVbest 4K TVs

55 “TV

4K and HDR

Dynamic images with innovative Slim Backlight Drive + technology

The high-end Sony. The XE93 series features a Sony innovation known as the “Slim Backlight” that attempts to show areas of concentrated light on a thin screen. This system provides brilliant images with tremendous intensity. Occasionally it does not work at all well in the darkest parts of the image. The design is spectacular and the sound too.

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