3 Basic Tips in Choosing a Blog Name

Blogs dominates the web now. It is the easiest web platform to set up and tons of free blog providers are at our disposal with built in features for interactivity and search engine optimization. The fact that more than 15% of the websites in the internet is built using WordPress means that blogging tools is becoming the leading platform for web development. With its user-friendly features, almost everyone are able to set-up new blogs in 1-2-3 steps but their most common mistake is choosing the right website name or blog name.

I summed up 3 of the most basic tips when choosing the right blog name, this is also applicable when choosing a website name:

1. Your blog name should be based on the theme of your blog – This is the most basic when signing up for a blog name, it should reflect on the description of your blog. If you’re blog is about comic reviews then the name should pertain about comic reviews or about graphic novels. Your blog followers or first time visitors will be confused if the name of your blog is flowersblog.com and you talk about the latest releases of Marvel and DC comics. It will be misleading and your visitors might lose interest.

2. Choose a blog name that is light and easy to remember – A blog name should not be overly complicated and hard to remember. Blogs are supposed to be light reading and you don’t have to over complicate it to be artistic or creative. You can apply your creativity in its aesthetics but leave the blog name easy to remember and concise. If you are blogging about graphic novels and comics then then best name would be something like “The Graphic Novels Depot”.

3. Your Domain Name Should Match With Your Blog Name – This is very essential and a big mistake if overlooked. The blog name of your site must be the same or at least share huge similarity with your domain name. For example this site, domaindoom.com is about domain names and domain registration so it is proper to name it Domain Doom Blog. The similarity is huge and readers will know about the blog the moment the website is loaded in their browsers.

These 3 basic guides are important for it lets your readers and followers know the blog that they are reading and also for SEO purposes. It tells the search engine what the blog or website is all about and in return search engines ranks it according to its description and blog name.


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