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Do you want to skip the Facebook controls? Here you have 5 extensions to avoid providing your data.

How many things does Facebook know about you? Last week the Cambridge Analytica scandal jumped, for which a whopping 50 million accounts were leaked. It seems that according to a worker of that company (responsible, by the way, of the algorithm) those valuable data were acquired by a third party, who told Facebook that he would use them for academic work.

The possible results of these leaks are, on the one hand, Trump’s victory in the United States. On the other, Brexit, the United Kingdom exit from the European Union. With this big problem in tow, Facebook has proposed to delay the launch of its smart speaker.

Luckily, there is still the possibility of restricting – even in part – the information that Facebook is able to capture from all of us. That’s why we’ve decided to propose five useful extensions that you can install in Chrome. Continue Reading- 5 BEST WEB PAGES TO CREATE A FREE BLOG OR WEBSITE

1.UNSEEN FOR FACEBOOKsocial network

Facebook tracks many information and movements. One of the most important: whether we read or not the messages sent to us through Facebook Messenger. Unseen for Facebook is an application used to prevent Facebook from knowing if we have read certain messages or not. In this way, the reading confirmations are blocked.

This allows us to read the messages they send us and to respond to them at the moment it seems to us, without having to be pressured by the confirmation of reading that our interlocutor has received. This extension includes, yes, an option that may also be interesting. And it is the possibility of marking a message as read manually, in case we consider it necessary.


How many times have you read ‘A fulanito likes this page’, ‘Menganito has been here’? How many times have you seen ads related to searches you had done before? Disconnect Facebook is an extension that tries to eliminate all this information. In addition to others, such as Facebook chats through which people comment on events.

What Disconnect Facebook does, an extension designed by a Google engineer named Brian Kennish is to prevent the pages with the FB Connect plugin from receiving this type of information. You can also connect to Facebook, but you will not have to support these messages and you will avoid sending your own data.


Social Network Adblocker is another of these applications that eliminate all the ads that appear while browsing the social network. While it will not make Facebook continue to have your information about your personal likes and likings, at least you will not see all those ads that make you waste your time.

As well as improving this facet, you will have the opportunity to make your experience agiler when it comes to accessing Facebook. And you will increase, according to the developer, 23% the speed of the browser.


Facebook – Delete All Messages is another extension that allows you to control the Facebook messaging section. It is a system that eliminates all the messages that you have stored in Messenger. When you click on the extension icon, a menu will appear from which you can make the decisions you consider. Always keeping in mind that Facebook messages will be permanently deleted, without exception.

5.FACEBOOK ADBLOCKsocial network

Adblock of Facebook is a good extension to remove all those contents that do not interest you on Facebook. We refer to the right column, which usually shows all ads based on your interests. If you are not willing to continue supporting this string of sponsorships, maybe this is a good time to install Facebook’s Adblock.

The extension is very easy to incorporate into the browser. And besides, you do not need any extra configuration. As soon as you have installed it, you will stop seeing the ads that used to be so annoying to you.

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