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The 7 best free programs to edit audio and sound on Mac, Linux or Windows

What programs can you use to edit audio in 2018 (mp3, wave …)? What are the best free programs to edit sound and cut songs? Do you want to edit or record audio on Mac, Linux or Windows?  We will recommend the best music editing programs for your computer. On other occasions, we have already talked about Audacity, one of the best options for editing audio on various platforms, but the world does not end with this software. There are other really interesting options that can provide us with really new features.

If you are looking for a good tool to help you create a soundtrack for your movies on video, or you need an app to help you convert your collection of recordings and cassettes in MP3 format, you have a lot of free sound editors that are very easy to use. They are perfect to cut songs in a simple way, normalize the volume of several songs, clean the audio that is not heard well or to record your voice or gaming sessions.

The 7 best free programs to edit audio in 2018: cut songs, record your voice or edit music online

1.-Program to edit audio:  Audacitybest free programs

Flexible and powerful, Audacity is the best free audio editor of 2018.  You can download it for any desktop platform.

The interface may seem a bit intimidating at first, but then you realize that it is quite simple to use. Audacity is equipped with an extensive number of built-in tools that allow you to edit pre-recorded files, capture sounds through a microphone or even listen to music and podcasts. It has support for a wide range of audio formats and a range of effects. It is one of the best free programs to edit audio.

You’ll also find a great selection of third-party add-ons to make it even more powerful, and a comprehensive help guide for beginners.

2.-Program to edit audio:  Ocenaudiobest free programs

The first thing that surprises about Ocenaudio is its careful interface. It seems that in this sense they have adapted to modern times, something that is appreciated. Its interface is simple and very easy to use, but do not be fooled: it is a really powerful editor.

It is capable of opening any audio and video format. You can have several audios open at the same time and edit them without a major problem. We can also export the audio files and upload them to an FTP server or even create ringtones for iPhone.

It does not have as many effects or features as Audacity, but it is very easy to use and a better option for beginners. It is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

3.-Program to edit audio: Wavosaurbest free programs

A really light tool that is able to edit, process, record, analyze and convert audio. The only problem is that it only supports certain formats such as MP3, OGG, and WAV and that it has not been updated since 2013.

It is also really easy to use program although it has a lot of features that can intimidate the novel audio editor. This is available for Windows. It is one of the best free programs to edit audio in 2018. Continue reading- 5 BEST WEB PAGES TO CREATE A FREE BLOG OR WEBSITE

4.-Program to edit audio:  Lexis Audio Editorbest free programs

It is a professional application for Android (and as an app for Windows 8) that comes with a few options to preview audio. The interface opens with the typical “wave” zone and you can work with them in a simple way, copying, cutting and pasting.

It also allows us to change the tempo and speed, fade in / out and has an equalizer. The free version does not let you save the files in mp3, but we can save them in WAV, FLAC or WMA format.

5.-Program to edit audio:  mp3DirectCutbest free programs

You can record directly in the program or edit tracks of all kinds. one has the best design in the world but it has all the basics to be able to work with your sound files. You can cut songs, normalize audio, increase the volume or do “fade”. It even has an option to apply effects to an entire folder of audio files. You can not ask for more for free. Available for Windows or Linux (through Wine). It is one of the best free programs to edit audio.

6.-Program to edit audio:  WavePad Audio Editing Softwarebest free programs

Another excellent option for Windows and Mac. It is a music editing program that you can use for free for non-commercial use (otherwise you need to buy a $ 70 license). Supports file formats as disparate as.WAV.MP3, .M4A.WMA, FLAC or.AAC. its interface is very intuitive and you can work with several files at the same time. It has effects and voice manipulation.

7.-Online music editor:  TwistedWavebest free programs

And what if you only want to edit songs online in a timely manner without downloading any programs? The perfect and free option (with a free account, you can edit mono files up to 5 minutes long) is TwistedWave. You only need your browser and a song to upload to the editor. The entire process is managed on your server. It even has an option to import songs from Soundcloud. It is one of the best free programs to edit audio in 2018.

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