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8 best applications to manage your mail in android 2018

Manage your email accounts with the best applications for Android / iOS mobile. They are apps that allow you to manage one or several accounts of services such as Google, Yahoo !, Microsoft iCloud and even personalized services with your own domain.

They have functions to create emails, organize your inbox, attach local or online files, connect your calendar, search engines, receive notifications and much more.

The official apps are completely free and some customers like Newton have a cost for its premium features.

Best email applications Android / iOS

Inbox by Gmailmanage your mail

This application gives priority to the most important messages so you do not stress yourself with too much mail. You can add reminders, postpone the reply of messages. Its search function is very useful so that you do not have the need to search all your emails for some information that you forgot. Best of all, it works very well with Gmail since this app was created by this team.

New: Choose the input tray to be displayed in 5 configurations: By default, Important, Unread, Featured, Priority

EasilyDo Email – Fast & Secure Mail

One of the best iOS mail apps comes to Android. Its main feature is that it learns how we use the mail and thus manage the inbox in a more comfortable way. Continue reading- Types of hosting to host your website or blog in 2018

Elegant, intuitive and customizable design.

You manage unlimited accounts from different providers: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Office 365, Hotmail, AOL, and IMAP mail.

Smart assistant to organize emails. For example Purchases, finances, travel, subscriptions …

View attachments without opening the email.

Real-time notification for Travel and Shipment of packages.

Customize notifications

Compatible with Android Wear to connect by voice and receive notifications.

Gmailmanage your mail

This email application gives you an inbox, distributed by categories such as promotions, social networks, friends, family, so you give priority to each of them as you want.

In addition, these app blocks spam messages before they reach your hands to protect your account and keep it clean. It supports more applications of this type and has 15 GB of storage for your messages. Download it now and enjoy all your tools! Free download.

Yahoo Mail – Get organized!manage your mail

This application allows you to attach several files at the same time and send them in a single mail, log in without a password. Remove one or more messages by selecting them, send funny GIFs in your chats, design and customize your emails with beautiful colors. Connect to Dropbox and Google Drive, download it and enjoy its content.  Free download.

Microsoft Outlookmanage your mail

Get an organized inbox, prioritizing the most important messages. Program it and use it with gestures, easy access to calendar and files. It has the ability to open office application data (Word, Excel.) To be edited. It is also compatible with all devices, its thousands of users recommend it,

Newton Mail – Email & Calendarmanage your mail

This application has a subscription at a cost of $ 49.99 per year, on Mac the download is free. This app can be synchronized and worked with other apps of this type such as Gmail, Yahoo !, Mail, Hotmail, ICloud and all IMAP accounts. Send you instant notifications, undo and send messages and keep your account organized and protected

myMail – Free mail appmanage your mail

This application has the function push notifications so that they fit better into your schedules. You can create your signature for your mail. It has pin protection, pre-display of messages, clear designs, search button, an organization of your inbox and many tools that will make your life easier

Email – Blue Mail – Freemanage your mail

You can work with more applications such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Hotmail … etc. It also has features that help you be more productive such as bookmark to read them later and not lose them, search button, encryption to protect your personal data and many more tools

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