Adjust the entries in your blog to improve engagement. Blogs have turned out to be an excellent complement for the organizations and brands that develop content marketing at present. This is a very effective activity (blogging) that. According to 53 percent of the marketing experts consulted in a study conducted by HubSpot. Is in the top of content marketing activities. And that, according to information from Another study referred by Social Media Examiner. Up to 66 percent of the marketers involved with social networks also develop.

The goals that can be achieved with them are multiple. So firms like Statista estimate that their popularity is growing and by 2020 it is predicted that there will be 30.7 million bloggers taking advantage of the benefits they have. But if you are looking for how to develop the engagement or improve it, then you should continue reading because here we will present some recommendations. Pointing to this objective, in addition to creating relevant content, As Simply Measured highlights, these are the actions to be implemented to improve engagement, considering that the concept is divided into 3 key aspects, the shared or social shares,  comments, and conversions :

To get sharedBLOG

If your goal is to get your blog visitors to share the content that is costing you so much time and effort. It is recommended that you facilitate this action. To do this, you should consider implementing social buttons. As you know, social networks can be considered the best way to get “word spread” with the content you have created so do not hesitate to include buttons on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and even Google +. Continue reading-“”

To get commentsBLOG

Comments are another way to improve engagement with your blog’s readers. If you are looking for them to arrive at your posts it is recommended. That you implement a plugin, such as Disqus or Facebook. To have space at the bottom of your content where People can express their opinions. Just remember that you must pay attention to this space to avoid being filled with spam. And provide answers to encourage conversation.

To get conversionsBLOG

Finally, if your goal with engagement is to promote conversions from your blog. You should consider the incorporation of Calls To Action in your publications. A good way to work with them is to add complements to the content presented. That serves as an incentive for people to execute the action you want, in this case, to convert.

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