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The best pages to edit photos online

Do you need to modify or improve your photos? If you do not have Photoshop or another photo editing program, take note of these websites to edit photos online easily, comfortably and quickly.

Editing photos online without the need for programs is an increasingly common and widespread practice. This is possible thanks to the web pages that make available to users the possibility of carrying out these tasks, offering useful and easy to use tools to carry out all kinds of retouching.

However, we must bear in mind that online photo editing has its limits, of course. It is not comparable to using an ” online Photoshop ” since it is evident that the tools offered online do not have all the functions of the most advanced editing programs (programs that, in case you are looking for one, we summarize) in this article ). But if what you need is to add a drawing, put text, cut out a photograph or simply rotate it, then it’s enough and you have plenty with the webs that we show you next.

Before recommending web pages to edit photos online, you will be interested to know that we have taken into account that today much of the use we make of the network is from the mobile. Therefore, we have tried to select those websites that work both from the mobile and from the PC. If one is not compatible with Android or iOS, we will indicate it in the text.

Best pages to edit photos online

6. FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.comedit photos online

The FreeOnlinePhotoEditor.com page works both from the mobile and from the computer , and the advantage it has is that it offers you different ways to import the file: you can upload a photograph, you can import it from a URL, you can take a photograph with the mobile camera (or the laptop’s webcam) or you can work with a blank document. In advance, it is a good range of functions to start editing the online photo.

Once you have chosen the photo, you can start editing it: you have the option to rotate it to the left or to the right, add text, put effects or make cuts of the image, as well as you can control some more advanced settings such as brightness or the contrast. Of course, they are options that you should be worth to make an online edition of an image without the need for programs.

5. Online-Image-Editor.com

The tool of Online-Image-Editor.com is one of the most versatile of this list since it has different functions: from changing the size of an image (as well as trimming it) to adding text, creating GIFs or simply inserting clippings of other photographs in the same image. Surely it is not as advanced as the one we have recommended in the previous point, but it can be useful especially if you need to convert your image to another format (you can export the files in JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP ).

4. Fun Photo Boxedit photos online

The Fun Photo Box page is designed to add fun effects to your photos, so you’ll only be interested if you want to retouch -for example- the photographs of that party you’ve had with friends to make them look much more curious. From this page do not expect great editing tools: beyond filters and masks, few things you can edit in your photo.

3. Lunapicedit photos online

At first glance, it might seem that Lunapic only allows you to cut, resize or rotate an image, but if you click on the menu that is hidden under the icon of the three parallel lines that are in the upper left part of the screen ( less in the mobile version) you will realize that you have an almost infinite amount of options. You can configure effects such as -for example- the blur, as well as you can add artistic effects to the image.

2. Phixredit photos online

Phixr is an alternative quite similar to Photoshop online. The image editing interface is similar to the programs that we have all used on the computer. And in addition to the basic functions of rotating, cropping or copying, you can also insert different stickers or even texts in meme format into your photographs.

1. Fotoredit photos online

Fotor is one of the most advanced online photo editors you can find, which offers you the possibility to work without having to install programs or applications both on the computer and on mobile devices. It puts at your disposal basic functions, such as trimming, turning or flipping, and other more advanced, including adjustments of tone and color. In addition, it also has filters, effects, stickers, frames, beauty retouches and other tools that will allow you to improve your photos.

Of course, of all these alternatives to edit photos online, there are much more advanced tools that allow you to get more professional results with the edition. The issue is that all those alternatives require installing a program (or an application, in the case of mobiles), and that is why they are not included in this article. For a quick edition, these websites will suffice.

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