Creating brand fanatics

The latest trend to attract customers is the experience. Surveys have found that people now appreciate the experience more than material goods. Perhaps it was the rise of social media, where people want to photograph and document a unique moment but it’s clear that consumers now want to enjoy moments of fun and enjoyment rather than something more tangible. So, how can businesses get involved in this trend to build a larger fan base?

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Exclusive Events

Consumers are tiring of the gift card and traditional loyalty points scheme, so businesses are starting to branch out to reward loyal customers with special experience. This includes ideas such as special early access to new product launches, beta testing of new discoveries, meet and greet sessions with employees etc. An event doesn’t even need to be large or expensive, as long as it involves a degree of real exclusivity and a feeling of insider-level involvement. For help with brand strategy, consider a Brand Strategy Agency at a site like

Allowing customers to choose the communication channel

Customers today spend their lives on various platforms and gone are the days where they will wait to engage with a company only through email or phone. If businesses neglect their loyal fan base, they do so at their peril as these customers will soon begin to comment negatively on all the media platforms that businesses have ignored.

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Enable the purchase of greater benefits

Some large companies have realized that customers will pay more for better facilities, such as Amazon Prime, for example. Other ideas include discounts for membership, member only specials or member only event access. Even a small membership fee can help customers feel closer to the brand.

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