False myth

False myth about SEO

SEO has taken a radical turn in recent years; To say that organic positioning has changed a lot would be very short. The constant updates of Google like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird have made the rules of the game change completely. We share the false myth about SEO.

We are only a few weeks away from the end of 2017, so we are going to review the most widespread SEO myths. We go with them!

A web page has to be registered in GoogleFalse myth

For some years it is not necessary to register web pages in Google. This, like all search engines on the Internet, have trackers that are responsible for indexing the websites. Therefore, you can register your page in Google if you want, but it is not necessary; In case you do, you should bear in mind that this will not give you any benefit. It is a false myth about SEO.

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Generating links is beneficial

Until not many years ago, this was totally true since the number of links was more important than the quality of the links. However, since the Google Penguin 2.0 update in May 2013, the game took a 180-degree turn. Therefore, today it is much more profitable to invest in generating content than in the generation of links. Currently, the content of value is one of the factors that Google takes into account. Continue reading- HTTP protocol / 2 protocol, everything you need to know about it

Having a secure website is not important for SEO

In August 2015 Google announced that it had started to favor websites with URL “https” instead of the classic “HTTP” in the search results. Well, that “s” that is added to the end of the web means that it is encrypted and, therefore, inaccessible to hackers. Therefore, a secure website is important for users but still does not have a key importance for Google. It is a false myth about SEO.

The meta descriptions are the most importantFalse myth

While it is true that meta descriptions are very important for SEO, they stopped being of paramount importance in 2009 with the Google update.

Keywords are the key to SEOFalse myth

Google continues to consider that keywords are important when positioning web pages in search results; However, we must bear in mind that the search engine is increasingly focused on semantic indexing. Therefore, the most important thing is not so much to optimize the content with a series of keywords as to do it with expressions written in a very natural language.

The H1 tag is the most important thing for SEO On PageFalse myth

In the beginnings of organic positioning, the H1 tag was the most important when it came to positioning web pages in terms of SEO On Page. However, in recent times search engines like Google have been modifying their algorithms and this label has less and less influence in terms of positioning. It is a false myth about SEO.

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