How to maintain a computer

How to maintain a computer in good condition

The computer is the main work tool for people. In the personal field, although the cell phone is the most important element, portable or desktop computers are still essential to learn, interact with the couple or loved ones, study and have fun. We share how to maintain a computer in good condition.

When a computer is new it works quickly and optimally, but over the years it is natural that it deteriorates, that its programs become outdated and that technologically its components require maintenance.

How often do you take your equipment to a technician or engineer to have it checked, cleaned and updated? Because the reality is that the computers can extend their life through good care practices. On this depends that you can carry out your activities normally and, more importantly, that you protect your information.

These are some keys so that your equipment is in the best state and, with it, the contents housed in its memory units. We invite you to apply them in favor of digital security and the prevention of events that affect your peace of mind.

Choose well where to locate your equipment

Put your desktop computer or keep your laptop in a cool area, where they are not exposed to high temperatures or have contact with water or other liquids. Space must be aerated and, as far as possible, that the devices do not directly receive the sun’s rays. Keep reading- 5 tools to create web heat maps and analyze visits

Dust off the ventilation systemHow to maintain a computer

Cleaning the ventilation system is essential for the proper functioning of the equipment. For example: in desktop computers – in the CPU on time – a large amount of dust can accumulate. You can do the cleaning on the outside with a dry or a little-wet cloth, but the ideal is for an expert to open the computer (especially if it is portable) so that, with the appropriate tools, shake it well. The is how to maintain a computer in good condition.

Do not forget the maintenance of other parts of the equipmentHow to maintain a computer

Cleaning the screen, keyboard and mouse is also important. As these are the parts of the equipment that you most touch with your hands, they accumulate numerous impurities and bacteria. For this, you must use a special liquid that does not cause damage. If you do the cleaning, advise yourself, but we recommend you take advantage of the services of a technician.

Check cables and connectionsHow to maintain a computer

The cables of the computer or the laptop charger are necessary for its operation. If they are loose, disorganized or exposed to sharp surfaces or that you or someone else steps on them, they can be damaged and damaged easily. A chopped cable can produce a short that burns the devices. Check them frequently, along with the outlets or plugs, check their status and take measures in case of detecting imperfect.

Protect the batteryHow to maintain a computer

Laptops should not remain connected to electricity all the time so that their battery does not lose power. On the other hand, it is also not good to let it be completely downloaded. The most effective is to load it precisely, that is, just what it requires to reach an optimum level for its operation. Regarding desktop computers, disconnect them if you are not going to use them to protect them from electric shocks. The is how to maintain a computer in good condition.

Do not miss the updates

Keep the antivirus and other programs up-to-date, in this way you navigate calmly on the internet. Viruses make computers slow, damage them, and can cause your information to be stolen or lost. Make a copy of your information on a hard drive or in the cloud so that, should something happen, do not worry.

It has the support of trusted techniciansHow to maintain a computer

Take your equipment to trusted sites where you know that maintenance and review will be done in the best way. One or more people have contact information you store there; Be aware of who you deliver it to. Choose a technician based on your knowledge and experience. The is how to maintain a computer in good condition.

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