Metrics of digital marketing

Metrics of digital marketing that you should avoid

One of the most common ways to measure the performance of digital marketing is analyzing the most metrics that show social networks and websites. However, what is needed is a way to verify the status and vital signs of a brand, its products, and its content through the digital medium. There are points that should be avoided.

Specialists who work digitally often get confused about what is important and what should not matter that important. The idea is to have a set of basic metrics to follow, easy to understand, easy to measure and relate to each other in a way that helps to have a clear idea of the digital health of the efforts made.

There are more metrics that can be counted and that is a problem because many of them have no sense or importance to know how to develop a brand through digital channels. Clicks, impressions, visualizations, visitors, conversions and, of course, cost per conversion are the ones that are currently being worked on, however, the wrong metrics can be taken into account.

According to Neil Patel, these are Digital Marketing metrics that do not matter

Followers and likesMetrics of digital marketing

The important thing is not the quantity, but the interaction. Knowing that you have thousands of followers does not matter because they do not represent valuable traffic. In social networks like Facebook, where the organic reach is decreasing, this metric does not represent anything. The Likes do not help either, since, without opening links, the effort can get stuck.

Although it works to improve engagement, the most important thing is to know the index of openings. Which, finally, is what matters the most. Keep reading- 5 tools to create web heat maps and analyze visits

BacklinksMetrics of digital marketing

Backlinks are crucial to rank high in search engines, such as Google. But, instead of focusing on the total link metric, look at the total of your quality links.

Page viewsMetrics of digital marketing

New visits have no value if the traffic you get does not do anything on a website. This is called “irrelevant traffic. You have to try to increase your conversion rates.

Time on siteMetrics of digital marketing

Similar to the previous point, it is useless for a user to spend more than 10 minutes on your website if people are not converting. It does not matter if the time on the site is 45 minutes or 5 minutes. As long as you are converting customers.

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