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What types of hosting is best for an online store

What types of hosting is the best for my business? We talk about it.

A very recurring question when looking for the best hosting for an online store. So today we wanted to resolve this doubt for those who have an electronic commerce.

To start you have to understand that there are several types of hosting. Which offer different features that are better suited for some businesses than others. For example, the level of security is higher in some hosting than in others.

For this reason, it is important to make a checklist of your online store. Review the most important aspects you must have and if the hosting you choose can meet these requirements.

TYPES OF HOSTINGtypes of hosting

These are some of the types of hosting that exist today, pay attention to their characteristics. And choose the one that best suits your company:

1. Shared hostingtypes of hosting

This hosting has as its main characteristic that it shares all its resources with other websites stored on its hard disk; bandwidth, speed, memory, among others, are part of the common services that customers of this type of hosting have. The problem that everything is shared, is that any problem that occurs affects all websites hosted on it.

By having shared resources among several clients, its price is one of the most economical, and it is a good investment for a website with little information, where the use of resources is very low. This hosting is ideal for the use of personal pages.

2.Hosting VPS (Virtual Private Server)types of hosting

It is a private hosting service , in other words each client is assigned a space for private use within the server, which provides greater speed, space, and bandwidth, in addition, has its own operating system and resources for use only from the client, not to mention that they have the capacity to increase these resources at any time. These characteristics make its cost higher.

A VPS hosting is the most recommended option for websites with very high traffic such as recognized news portals or very large online stores because having this hosting service gives them greater security, a lower collapse percentage, and fast technical support. quality. Continue Reading- 14 Best Template for Blogger

3.Dedicated hostingtypes of hosting

It is a physical hosting service only for the client; The difference between a VPS hosting and a dedicated one is that the latter is a physical server and does not share its resources with other clients. It is used by companies that require much greater security, where the flow of traffic is higher.

These features of exclusivity make its cost higher compared to other types of hosting, not only because it is a server for individual use, but also because the company that hires the service must take care of all server configuration and maintenance.

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