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For some time now we have been listening to all kinds of information about a new update of the HTTP protocol, HTTP 2.0 or HTTP protocol / 2 protocol but, what is it? How can this protocol help us on our website?

Well, the HTTP protocol / 2 protocol is born with a single function, to create a safer and faster Internet, adjusted to the information transfer needs of today.

This protocol was launched in 2015 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Initiative responsible for creating a stronger platform for the Internet based on the SPDY project developed by Google sometime before.

The SPDY project sought to reduce the load time in the client-server connections of all Internet websites.

So for anyone who thinks that the HTTP protocol / 2 protocol is a new protocol, it is totally wrong. It is rather an update of the already known HTTP 1.1. and SSL security encryption, since it contains the same syntax as these.

Today, most browsers support it, as do many of the more popular servers. Although the percentage of websites that use it is still quite small, it is not ruled out that in a few years, and with possible changes in Google’s algorithms, most of the websites use it.

How does the HTTP protocol / 2 protocol work?HTTP protocol

In comparison with the previous protocol, HTTP 1.1., This new protocol has great advantages, the main one, its speed.

HTTP / 2 allows multiplexing, that is, its way of transmitting data is no longer creating a queue and transmitting each file one by one. But it gives us the possibility to make multiple exchanges in a single connection.

This is what allows reducing the load time by improving communication between the browser and the server.

On the other hand, and through multiplexing, you can send resources if necessary later, without the need for the client to request them, optimizing the transmission time as much as possible. Continue reading- 5 CHROME EXTENSIONS TO PREVENT FACEBOOK FROM SPYING ON YOUR MOVEMENTS

How do I update the HTTP protocol / 2 protocol?HTTP protocol

Transcending the HTTP or HTTPS protocol to HTTP / 2 is very simple. We explain it to you in a very simple and fast way.

* NOTE: The steps may vary depending on the server, browser and other factors of the site.

Being a protocol of greater security, the first of the requirements that you request is to have the SSL security encryption installed.

Once this is done, we should only update the server software or contact the Internet service provider to enable the HTTP protocol / 2 protocol.

If you do not know if you already have it enabled, we recommend you use SPDYCheck. Analyze your site quickly to know if you have it or not.

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Does it influence the SEO of my page?HTTP protocol

Although having it or not, is not yet considered as a possible reward by Google. It does include performance, usability, and user experience, within which is the speed of loading.

It is increasingly important not only that our website loads faster. But also that the user experience is much greater and better.

Therefore, the speed offered by the HTTP protocol / 2 protocol, of course, also directly influences the SEO of your website.

By reducing the load time of connections between client and server. The waiting time for users to access your content is also reduced.

A great advantage for the most impatient and for all those users who access content through mobile. Who can now count on a safer and faster network wherever they are.

In addition, not only the load time will be affected, but also the management of resources and auxiliary elements. Your website may continue to have style sheets, images from additional servers or CDNs as it has done so far with the previous protocol. Without undergoing changes.

After this brief review of all the general aspects and novelties that the HTTP protocol / 2 protocol gives us. We are sure that in addition to supposing a great improvement in the speed of the connections. It will also be for our positioning on the Internet.

We trust that this protocol extends its use quickly and, just as it happened before the implementation of SSL encryption. Finally, all Internet sites adopt it, creating a much more secure and beneficial network for users.

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