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WordPress SEO plugins 2018

WordPress SEO plugins 2018 (Free and paid)

The  WordPress SEO plugins 2018  today are vital given the importance of organic traffic in attracting customers through a website. That’s why today we bring a collection of the best SEO plugins in 2018 (free and paid)  so you can increase that traffic that will improve your billing. Of course, having the best SEO plugins without having an optimized theme does not make any sense so I recommend you read…

Website for International SEO Efforts

How to Prepare Our Website for International SEO Efforts?

Companies often perform search engine optimization and this could cause them to try to undertake specific efforts. There are things that they should do if they want to target the international market. Their website should be able to communicate with everyone, including international users. However, we should know that we may not be able to fill the gap because we are not able to provide geo-location adjustments. We should know…

Content in Our Website

How to Improve Links and Content in Our Website?

There is a strong link between web traffic and good profitability. There are internal factors that we can control that may improve our SEO performance. As an example, we should be able to improve layout. Many companies focus too much on external factors and they have many non-optimized internal factors. As an example, we should make sure that content is placed optimally inside the layout. Each webpage should have the…

best 4K TVs

The 10 best 4K TVs in 2018

Do you want to know what are the top 10 4K TVs in 2018?  We tell you which are the best 4K TV by quality price. It seems that 2018 is the moment of 4K’s takeoff, especially because the prices of TVs with this screen resolution are finally more affordable than in previous years. Why? TV manufacturers are already presenting their first models with 8K resolution, and content creators are…

best alternatives to Microsoft Office

5 best alternatives to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has been dominating the market of office suites for about three decades. A domain that is more than justified, since the different versions launched has always been shown. As the best within their segment, being able to say that even far above its competitors. We share best alternatives to Microsoft Office.

activity bracelet

5 things you should keep in mind if you are going to buy an activity bracelet

Is it worth buying an activity bracelet in 2018? Currently, these gadgets increasingly provide more functions, ranging from count steps and calories to allow mobile payments through NFC. There are quantifying bracelets of all kinds, from those that are completely focused on the sport to those that focus more on other aspects. That’s why you need a shopping guide for activity wristbands, and it’s what features are there to choose…

How to maintain a computer

How to maintain a computer in good condition

The computer is the main work tool for people. In the personal field, although the cell phone is the most important element, portable or desktop computers are still essential to learn, interact with the couple or loved ones, study and have fun. We share how to maintain a computer in good condition. When a computer is new it works quickly and optimally, but over the years it is natural that it…