7 Reasons Why Online Faxing is Still Relevant

You would think that with the popularity of email, the fax would be unnecessary. The truth, however, is that even with the emerging technologies and fast advancing communication equipments, the fax is still relevant.

Businesses, organizations, and individuals routinely use online faxing for work and communications. So far, no new technologies have been able to edge out the fax. This is largely because of the following reasons:

Can Be Traced

Faxes can be traced. This is even more important nowadays seeing as the anti-spam technologies used by email companies often erroneously tags some highly important emails as spam and moves them into the spam folder or outright deletes them.

For time sensitive documents and items, not seeing the email can lead to a misunderstanding or result in a business losing a particular deal. With online faxes, however, all faxes are logged, thus making it easier to see if the fax was delivered or not.

No Chances of Virus and Malware

Unlike emails where people can send you Trojans, malware, viruses or keyloggers, you never have to worry about having a virus in your faxes. Most faxes are sent using an online faxing service.

This online faxing service then notifies the recipient that they have a fax in their online faxing account. This is better than the standard direct contact via email, the fax goes through a secure server and is encrypted until the recipient accesses and decrypts it.

Sensitive Data are Protected

Most online faxing services have high-level encryption technologies designed to protect and keep your documents from prying eyes. No longer do you have to worry about your email being hacked or email phishing.

With online faxing, your documents are completely protected from all prying eyes. No one else will be able to access your documents – except those you give permission to.

Can Communicate Complex Information

With emails, everything is restrictive. To a large extent, email is best suited for links and text-based documents.

However, when you need to send a 300 paged hand-written document with formulas, diagrams, and drawings, email just won’t cut it. Online faxing, on the other hand, can make this very easy to do.

Legally Binding

The good thing about online faxing is that all signed documents sent through faxes are considered binding. This means that there’s really no need to be physically present at a certain location to sign a contract or a form.

Once those documents are faxed over to you, all you have to do is simply append your signature by either using a digital signature or a live one and fax the documents back.

Easy to Use

Online faxing systems are so easy to use. They can be used on the go, while you are out and about on business, while you are waiting for your flight, and so on. The point is that you can do a lot of business on the go without necessarily having to be physically present at work.

If for instance, you have a 3-hour delay before your next flight, you can simply connect to the internet, have a look at all pending faxes, attend to them and send them back immediately without any stress. It is a great way to be productive when you are away from the office.

Can Be Easily Integrated into Existing IT Systems

A new online faxing system does not mean the total dismantling of your current IT or software systems. If anything, most online faxing systems are designed in such a way that they can be seamlessly integrated into your current IT or companywide software systems.

This plus the fact that it has a low learning curve makes it perfect. You can set up an online faxing system in your office and have it completely integrated and running on your company’s servers within 30 minutes.


Even as technology marches on, it is clear online faxing will continue to be relevant far into the future. This also makes it important to find a good online faxing service, and if you wish to find one I highly recommend making comparisons online through Find A Fax.

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