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Do you already know what type of hosting to host your website in 2018? There comes a time when you are sure to leave the free platforms as a blogger or WordPress and move to your own hosting server for your blog or website. Choosing the right accommodation is very important, both for benefits and for the price. Take the precaution of selecting a good hosting provider, is essential to the success of your blog, and so that every day you lie quietly in your bed and have placid dreams.

How to choose the country of the server? It is best to choose the web server closest to the location of your customers or users. That said, it is not necessary that the server is in Spain or Mexico, it is enough that it is relatively close, for example in the United States (for Mexico) or Germany, France or UK for Spain (any country in Europe is worth).

Let’s see what are all the options available at this time to host a blog or website.

Types of hosting to host your website or blog in 2018: shared hosting, VPS, Cloud or dedicated server

Shared hosting (shared hosting)Types of hosting

This is the most common of all types of accommodation there is. As the name suggests, it means that your blog will share resources with other websites hosted on the same physical server: CPU (processing power), disk space, memory (RAM) and bandwidth.

Who is it for?  Web pages with low or average visits. While shared hosting is more than enough for most blogs with little traffic, it is not the best option in many situations. Even if your blog is not using a large number of resources, other websites on the server could do so, and as a result, the performance of your own site could be affected indirectly. Most shared hosting providers actively monitor hosted sites and can quickly control this type of resource usage peaks. Continue Reading – 5 BEST WEB PAGES TO CREATE A FREE BLOG OR WEBSITE

Price? Shared accommodation is the cheapest option there is. Even the cheapest shared-type hosting packages should have no problem supporting a personal blog. It is usually easily scalable to a certain point and the price usually depends on how many webs you want to host, the disk space you need or the email accounts you want to configure, etc. One of the types of hosting is shared hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)Types of hosting

Similar to a dedicated server without getting a real physical machine. It behaves like a dedicated server with respect to the resources at your disposal: they are exclusively yours, they are not shared with other sites as in shared hosting.

What virtualization systems do companies usually use? OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, Xen or KVM. Each one has its pros and cons, but if the VPS is well managed and has not been oversold, you should not have any problems with any. If possible, it is best to choose KVM.

Who is it for?  Web pages with medium-high level visits. Within the VPS server, we will find a software that controls the resources you have at your disposal, but you can fully customize your hosting plan as if it were a real dedicated server: we can get more disk space, more memory and more width band in a simple way. The VPS is intended for those who want full control of the server with access to the command line. You will not need a VPS solution for a normal blog. It is one of the types of hosting.

What is the VPS web server indicated for you?

Test your services for a month and if you do not like go to another VPS hosting

There are other cheaper VPS, but sometimes the cheap is expensive. These two companies have been in the server world for a long time and have a very good reputation

Knownhost have their servers in the US and Europe while Linode and DigitalOcean have them spread all over the world: Singapore, Tokyo, United States, New York, Frankfurt, London etc …

Linode offers StackScripts to automatically install certain programs on your VPS. Your tutorials are very good. DigitalOcean offers something very similar.

If you are starting in the world of VPS, install WHM / Cpanel on your server to manage it better (it costs an extra)

If you already have experience, you can install a control panel like Virtualmin / Webmin, which is totally free.

All three give you access to the server via SSH

I like the Linode panel more than the Knownhost panel: it has more options and everything is very well distributed. DigitalOcean is currently the best, but it seems that Linode will change it throughout 2017.

You will have the VPS ready in less than 30 minutes in the three companies

The support of Knownhost is exceptional: any doubt you have will solve it in minutes.

Price? Most people use VPS hosting solutions because sharing is not enough and the price is still reasonable.

Cloud HostingTypes of hosting

A new model to host websites or blogs that have specialized in offering you all the resources in a simple and “unlimited” way. The Cloud hosting is based on that you can access the power of the processing computers when you need it. You are not limited to the physical specifications of a single computer such as a dedicated server or the software restrictions imposed on a VPS. The computing power is assigned and distributed whenever there is a need.

Who is it for? Cloud hosting has become a popular way to host small, medium and large websites. They specialize in the handling of traffic peaks and provide high levels of “uptime”. You have more limited control, and many people prefer VPS or dedicated servers. They are often popular with people who expect large peaks of traffic

Price? In general, cloud hosting is more expensive than hosting a website on a dedicated server, but your startup plans are very well priced. It is one of the types of hosting.

Dedicated serversTypes of hosting

A dedicated server is a physical machine that is dedicated exclusively to hosting your blog or blogs. You do not share resources with third-party websites and the performance or resources are limited to the specifications of the physical machine.

Who is it for? Web pages with many visits. Some people prefer the security of a dedicated server compared to the features offered by Cloud Hosting. You can fully customize the software that you are going to install on your server.

Price? They are expensive, you can not say otherwise. So you have to be very sure that you will need all your resources before transferring your sites to a dedicated server. It is one of the types of hosting.


Normally, people usually start their personal projects on free platforms and then go on the road from the shared server to the dedicated server (or directly go to the cloud hosting). There is no perfect hosting for everyone. You have to analyze very well the needs of each present and future.

Server placement is becoming less important for SEO (you can adjust the country to which we go in the webmaster tools of Google) and the latency is increasingly low thanks to the use of CDs: We can hire hosting in anywhere in the world, and you just have to be careful in choosing a quality provider with great support. Those are the types of hosting.

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