WordPress SEO plugins 2018

The  WordPress SEO plugins 2018  today are vital given the importance of organic traffic in attracting customers through a website. That’s why today we bring a collection of the best SEO plugins in 2018 (free and paid)  so you can increase that traffic that will improve your billing.

Of course, having the best SEO plugins without having an optimized theme does not make any sense so I recommend you read this post about “How to choose a template in WordPress” for, if you are going to start your project or are thinking of changing, Meditate and value these elections carefully until you take any steps.

Most important SEO factors in 2018

Get along with Google:  Optimize your website for Google (easy to read bots, SEO On Page, broken links, inaccessible URL, download time, etc.).

Improve the bounce rate:  If we improve the bounce rate we will be telling Google that people not only go to see an article but that they like our website.

Improve the CTR:  If we improve the CTR we will indicate to Google that our article is more interesting than those in positions higher and therefore it will end up improving ours.

Authority of the page:  Directly proportional to the tracking frequency of the page and very important in terms of high competition.

That people love you:  SEO Off Page in general. Make Google see that people like your articles getting links, influence on social networks, etc.).

WordPress SEO Plugins 2018

Then I present the best collection of  SEO Plugins for WordPress free and paid in 2018. These plugins will help you exponentially improve the organic reach of your website and the articles of your blog, getting in a very short time multiply your organic traffic without problems.

# 1 SEO Plugins to get along with GoogleWordPress SEO plugins 2018

Getting along with Google will help you improve your SEO positioning and in the long run, it will be easier for you to improve the authority of your page. These are the best plugins to get it.

Google XML Sitemap:  Plugin to easily configure the web map of our site, which will allow better optimization and indexing by Google. This is essential in any web page and if you do not have it, it must be the first thing you do. (FREE and ESSENTIAL). It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins 2018.

SEO by Yoast:  Secondly, once you have your Sitemap configured you must install this plugin. Seo by Yoast is one from my point of view the best SEO plugin for WordPress is also free.  With this plugin, you will be able to optimize SEO in WordPress very easily and without having hardly any knowledge. This plugin allows us to change in a very simple way all the parameters that will affect the SEO of our website in order to rank higher, and as I said before, even without having much idea. (FREE and ESSENTIAL). It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins 2018.

Theme Checker:  Google does not like errors in the code, so you can use this plugin to examine your template code for errors, incompatibilities or outdated code fragments. (FREE)

WordPress Google Analytics By Yoast:  This plugin will help you control the statistics of your website through the Google Analytics tool. As this plugin, there are many similarities but this is the one we like the most. Control and know your website will help you improve in the face of Google and get to see how to improve. (FREE)

Velvet Blues Update URLs: A plugin that will help you to pass all the URLs of your web from http to https so that redirects do not occur in your links and that you save tracking budget, improving the indexing of your pages and increasing your web traffic Of course, it is only recommended to apply it for those websites that have gone to https and have forgotten to change the links on their website so that they all point to the secure version of their pages. I recommend you check that everything is ok by also passing the Search & Replace plugin. It is always better to check that everything is fine by 2 sources so that nothing is left in the ink. (FREE)

# 2 SEO Plugins to improve bounce rateWordPress SEO plugins 2018

Table of a Content plus:  This table of contents plugin is the index that I have put up as with links within the post. And what do you do among the SEO plugins? Well, this  plugin improves the percentage of rebound  by getting many times that people click on the links in the table of contents, an action that for Google is as if the user were surfing the web and ceasing to count as having seen only a single page to count as 2, and as a consequence improving our positions in the search engines. (FREE)

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin:  One of the most recommended and most downloaded related content plugins. With it, you can insert related post in the form of links or including images. Its algorithm detects related articles and includes options to modify the structure and design of the plugin. It is proven that the bounce rate decreases considerably if at the end of each post you put several related articles for the user to continue browsing your website. (FREE). It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins 2018.

SEO Smart Links:  WordPress plugin that helps you link your website internally. Its functionality is to select keywords that you want to link with the best articles. With this, we improve the bounce rate since in many cases you will be able to keep users browsing your website and not simply staying in the first article. The opinions are varied, I do not use it because I do this work manually. (FREE)

# 3 Plugins to improve the CTRWordPress SEO plugins 2018

All in one Schema Rich snippets:  Plugin that will help you show rich Google formats. These rich formats like stars, addresses, logos,  etc. They help to improve the CTR  since people will focus more on our article than on those above, getting better positions with the passage of time. (FREE) It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins 2018.

Fuzzy SEO Boost: This plugin uses long tail positioning to increase visits to your blog. The functionality consists of tracing the searches of the users that end up in your post to introduce them as keywords at the end of each one of them. This system manages to improve the CTR  by increasing the positions of the search engine by attacking long tail terms that are easier to the position. (FREE)

# 4 Plugins that help improve the authority of the pageWordPress SEO plugins 2018

There are many factors that affect the authority of a page, and in particular, there are some that we can control using plugins and are:

Web loading speed: The download time of the HTML of the page helps in the frequency of crawling of Google bots, in PageRank and therefore in SEO. It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins 2018.

WP Minify: This plugin combines all the CSS and JS  you have installed from other plugins and the template in a single file to reduce requests to the server, as well as compress the HTML. All this he does in GZip. It is suitable for those who do not know to the programme and very interesting for its great saving of loading time. (FREE) It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins 2018.

Wp Super cache:  The best caching plugin in 2018. It is easy to configure and compatible with most plugins. (FREE)

Smush it: a Simple plugin that will help you reduce the weight of your images. They do not change in size, but colors are reduced. This will not affect how you see the image and will help your web’s upload speed. Even so, I recommend adjusting the size and reducing the weight before uploading them to WordPress. Tinypng and Compressor.io  are 2 online tools that will help you compress the weight of your images by up to 80%. (FREE).

Insanity: This plugin does the review of the size of all the images on your website, resizing those that are too large. So that you do not lose load speed unnecessarily and thus improving the indexing, the tracking budget. And finally the SEO positioning of your Web.

Errors in URL: The more errors or less accessible are your URLs Google will consume more resources to track your website. And eventually lower the level of tracking, in turn down your PageRank and your positions in search engines.

Head Cleaner:  Plugin to solve duplicities in meta descriptions, keywords, etc. caused by other plugins. In addition, among other things, it adds OGP (Open Graph Protocol), minimizes CSS and js, adds tags for Facebook, etc. (FREE)

Broken Link Checker:  SEO plugin that reviews broken links on your website. This plugin allows you to modify the broken links without having to edit the posts, functionality that I think is pretty good. If you do not want to fill the WordPress plugins you can always install it, check the links and re-uninstall it, repeating the operation periodically to make sure everything is correct. (FREE)

# 5 Plugins to improve the LinkbuildingWordPress SEO plugins 2018

“Google does not want you until everyone loves you”

One of the most important SEO factors of 2018 is the Linkbuilding, and that is the universal truth of the positioning is that we need to make Google see that people want us to love us as well. If you get it without realizing that your links are artificial. It will improve your positions and the authority of your website.

If we start from the previous premise, link building is one of the most important parts in our SEO strategy. And although there are not many plugins that help in this we will soon release a tutorial to improve this factor and rank higher. For now, I present these 2 plugins:

Zemanta:  Link content to images related to your post and thus increase the authority of it. You can connect to your Flickr account and Google Reader to easily control the content. It is paid but it is very useful for the amount of traffic referred to and links you get to your website. (PAYMENT)

Off Page SEO:  Although this plugin I have not yet tried it seems that it helps you a lot with the SEO off page getting and analyzing the backlinks to your page. The backlinks you get are free thanks to its database of web pages where you can get free authority links. (FREE). It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins 2018.


If in spite of these plugins you need more SEO tools,  you can always visit our post about “The best free and paid SEO tools in 2018”. Sure you will find it interesting.


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