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5 things you should keep in mind if you are going to buy an activity bracelet

Is it worth buying an activity bracelet in 2018? Currently, these gadgets increasingly provide more functions, ranging from count steps and calories to allow mobile payments through NFC.

There are quantifying bracelets of all kinds, from those that are completely focused on the sport to those that focus more on other aspects. That’s why you need a shopping guide for activity wristbands, and it’s what features are there to choose from.

Here are some tips to buy quantifying activity bracelet, fitness or otherwise. It is a series of aspects that are important, benefits that may or may not interest you.

In the last two years, these wearables are living an authentic revolution. Little by little they incorporate new features so that they have practically eaten the market of smartwatches, propitiating a de facto merger between both target audiences.

Here are our tips so you do not make a mistake when choosing an activity bracelet.

Battery autonomyactivity bracelet

We start with the most important feature in a quantifying bracelet: the duration of your battery. The most affordable market may have good benefits, but what about the autonomy?

If the duration of the battery is less than 48 hours, it can be said that it is quite scarce. You must find the balance between features and battery, so you do not have to load more than once a week your wearable.

Luckily there is already a wide variety of these bracelets that equip low-energy screen, some even OLED. This triggers autonomy without the need to expand its capacity.

IP certification and what typeactivity bracelet

Once you are satisfied with the battery life offered, another key aspect comes along, something you should keep in mind when choosing the best activity bracelet.

We talk about IP certification if you have it. If you do not have it, you can almost discard it, since sweat or splashes are very likely to damage it.

This IP certification must be IP66, 67 or 68. Basically, they mean the following:

IP66: splash resistant

IP67: submersible at one meter for half an hour

IP68: submersible for a longer time and at a greater depth

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Accuracy when quantifyingactivity bracelet

Normally all smart bands offer at least counting steps. In addition, most of them already have a meter for hours of sleep and some even heart rate.

The more values you measure, the better for you, but you should try to buy one that does it exactly. It is useless to measure the heart rate if the values are completely unreal.

Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing the best sports smart band it is difficult to know if it is accurate or not. There is nothing left to rely on the opinions and opinions of its users.

How many modes does it haveactivity bracelet

The catalog of quantifying wristbands of all types is so wide that even there are specialized in a single sport, especially running.

Therefore, depending on the activity that you want to quantify, you may be interested in looking for a specific bracelet, say with the multisport mode.

Some of these wristbands are completely submersible and can detect activities such as swimming or cycling.

Design and comfortactivity bracelet

In the last point, one of the most important. A key to choosing activity bracelet is you know in advance whether it is comfortable or not. Some models do not adapt well depending on what type of hand you have.

Therefore, it is better that you try it before buying it if it is possible. Maybe you know someone who has it or you can go to a physical store where they show it.

Keep in mind that if you play sports the rubbing can cause some slight damage to the wrist.

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