2019’s best antivirus for PC

Antivirus software is mandatory because it can help you protect your computer from fraud sites and hackers and will keep your information safe. According to various independent AV tests, the best antivirus of 2019 is Bitdefender which has the ability to find out the existing malware in your computer and remove it. It will also prevent any programs from influencing your computer in any bad way.

Good antivirus software will give you real time protection against malware attacks. It will scan all files it can access to make sure that the malware won’t launch and also scans your entire system when you ask it or set it to. It is advisable to block all access to malware hosting sites so that you can avoid any potential trouble.

Antivirus software also has a behaviour based feature installed in it, which will detect malware that has never been seen before, by in-built antivirus software like Microsoft’s Windows Defender. To ensure complete, ongoing protection however, it is recommended that you install all the security updates you receive from the antivirus software and Window applications. Other features included in the software are preventing USB based malware attacks, cleaning the traces of browser history and scans for router weaknesses.

Bitdefender antivirus is also available in a free version with limited features, but the same virus definitions, and will give you top notch protection from any malware attacks anywhere. This software’s engine is one of the best in the market and is afavorite for all the independent testing labs. The free version of this well-tested software is a real catch.

The Bitdefender antivirus program is ultra-compact and will let you download the software in less than a minute, but it will prompt you to remove any incompatible products from your computer first. The interface of the free version is a very basic one but still it will provide you with effective scanning which can be on-demand or set up automatically. The product also provides you with anti-phishing feature which will keep your data safe from hackers online.

There are only a few manual controls in the interface of the free version of the software. The main goal of it is to be as light and as easy to use as possible, so most of its processes are entirely automated. Because it is a free version, you won’t get scheduling, settings, options or scan types in your interface. This can be an issue if you want to fine tune your security, but if you’re particularly knowledgeable about online security, you probably won’t go for a free version. The paid version is available starting at $29.99, with incremental price increases the more features you choose to add. This will provide all the features you need to keep your computer extra safe but for those who want it to be simple, the free edition is an option as well.

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