How to maintain a computer in good condition

How to maintain a computer
July 31, 2018

The computer is the main work tool for people. In the personal field, although the cell phone is the most important element, portable or desktop computers are still essential to learn, interact with the couple or loved ones, study and have fun. We share how to maintain a computer in good condition. When a computer is new it works quickly and optimally, but over the years it is natural that it…


Metrics of digital marketing that you should avoid

Metrics of digital marketing
July 20, 2018

One of the most common ways to measure the performance of digital marketing is analyzing the most metrics that show social networks and websites. However, what is needed is a way to verify the status and vital signs of a brand, its products, and its content through the digital medium. There are points that should be avoided.


5 tools to create web heat maps and analyze visits

tools to create web heat maps
July 19, 2018

Knowing how users move and interact in a website can help improve any website. We share 5 tools to create web heat maps and analyze visits. Analyzing visits to a web page can be a good way to improve our online business. For example, if we want to know the reason why the design does not work we can do usability tests. While it is true that A / B tests…


The 7 best free programs to edit audio and sound on Mac, Linux or Windows

best free programs
July 16, 2018

What programs can you use to edit audio in 2018 (mp3, wave …)? What are the best free programs to edit sound and cut songs? Do you want to edit or record audio on Mac, Linux or Windows?  We will recommend the best music editing programs for your computer. On other occasions, we have already talked about Audacity, one of the best options for editing audio on various platforms, but…


5 essential WordPress plugins for your website

WordPress plugins
July 9, 2018

In recent years, WordPress has emerged as one of the CMS (Content Management System) most used by web designers. We share 5 WordPress plugins for your site. Whether agencies, freelancers or individuals, this management system seems to suit a large number of people. To be able to optimize your site or your blog thoroughly, here are 5 WordPress plugins to know.


14 Best Template for Blogger

Template for Blogger
May 26, 2018

Blogger is the oldest blogging platform that is still actively used. Blogger has a large user base, most of which are personal writers and bloggers. there is some template for blogger. In truth, Blogger opened a window to the web for many people who are not technology experts.


False myth about SEO

False myth
May 26, 2018

SEO has taken a radical turn in recent years; To say that organic positioning has changed a lot would be very short. The constant updates of Google like Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird have made the rules of the game change completely. We share the false myth about SEO.



May 14, 2018

Adjust the entries in your blog to improve engagement. Blogs have turned out to be an excellent complement for the organizations and brands that develop content marketing at present. This is a very effective activity (blogging) that. According to 53 percent of the marketing experts consulted in a study conducted by HubSpot. Is in the top of content marketing activities. And that, according to information from Another study referred by…